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Feeling Blue? Join the Squirrels.

The New Year has begun, fast and furious.

I am tired…already.  Struggling to keep my “Every Day a New Year” resolution in mind, and trying to maintain momentum behind my  “One Word 2011” focus–courage.  Already, I notice day-to-day administrative tasks beginning to be a distraction from what is truly important. Scheduling worries, time constraints and logistics an impediment to focusing on the kids.


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Time for a break.  Time to get out of the office.  Time to be surrounded by students.

This is what I love about working in a school.  For the most part, kids (especially those in junior high) are oblivious to such petty distractions and concerns. Their energy is reserved for more pressing issues: hanging out with friends, being accepted as an individual, who to eat with at lunch, making an impression in the classroom, being selected for the sports team and what to do after school.  I lovingly (and privately) refer to them as squirrels, rushing from one thing to another–full of positive energy–making me smile.  Even if sometimes misguided, there is an innocence about their attitude–pursuit of almost anything with reckless abandon–that is refreshing.  Spending time in classrooms, on campus, or at lunch has a rejuvenating effect for me.  It is not a chore, it is why I love my job. The general absence of worry, positive spirit and “squireliness” (yes, I am making up words) of the kids serves as an energy boost–a reminder of what is important.

So my prescription for the beginning of the semester blues: time away from the adults. Step out of the office.  Join the squirrels and absorb the squireliness–it is a good thing.

Disclaimer: no students, or squirrels, were harmed in the writing, or publication of this blog post.  I realize that students are not literally squirrels and this post is not intended to draw any connections between the two–other than the fact that both seem to have boundless energy.  I like students…and I like squirrels.  Thank You.

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Junior high principal by day, aspiring difference maker, and Jedi in my own mind. Act justly. Love mercy. Walk humbly.


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