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The Power of Passion


cc flickr photo: by pirate_renee

If you think you can make a difference – you can.

As adults, is there any doubt that we are more attentive, more purposeful, and more driven when pursing our passions?  Countless industries have made their fortunes on this concept – developing toy’s, tools and services that allow us to pursue our interests with the understanding that passion leads to action.  Is their any reason to imagine that students are any different?  Education is about helping students identify, ignite and develop their passions.  When we can do that on a consistent basis, students will learn…and remember.

Maggie Hos-McGrane wrote an inspiring article on her blog Tech Transformation, entitled Making a Difference.  She discussed the opportunities we have as educators to make a difference–even when our progress is slower than we would like.  Maggie also shared the following inspiring video about the foundations of the Panyee FC soccer club, established on the Thai island village of Koh Panyee.

Wow.  Let’s remember that kids did this–in many ways, like those we teach every day.  Kids who pursued a passion in spite of seemingly insurmountable challenges, and with limited help from adults.   These boys in Thailand worked on the ultimate Problem Based Learning activity.  They had an objective, created a plan, and implemented their plan with a high degree of success.  Isn’t that what school should look like?

When we talk about our role as educational leaders (whether in the office, on-campus, or in the classroom), it is important to remember that sometimes the best way to lead, and teach, is by taking a step back and allowing others to lead the charge by pursuing their interests.

How is your school helping students identify and ignite their passions?


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One thought on “The Power of Passion

  1. What an awesome story. As I watched the video, I thought about what you said in your post, about letting students pursue their passions. I agree with you on that, but am disheartened by the hundred years of inertia we’re fighting every time we try to move education in the right direction.

    I will share this with my 5th graders tomorrow morning and have discussion about passions and interests and how they feel it relates to their learning. I’d really like to hear what they think; that is something else we need to let students do more of–talk, and talk about their own learning.

    Posted by Jeremy M. | April 17, 2011, 8:56 pm

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