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Do You Know Me?


cc flickr photo by Ingsoc

Do you know me?  I am a student in your classroom.

  • I struggle to find relevance in what I am being taught, but I have interests and passions.
  • I am outspoken, but I may try to get through the day without any interaction.
  • Actively involve me in learning and I will likely be engaged.  Lecture me and I will likely lose interest.
  • I am not waiting for superman.  I am waiting for someone to take a personal interest.
  • I can run you through every imaginable emotion, all within a forty-five minute class period.
  • I act out because I don’t understand, because I already know, or because I am not connected.
  • I don’t just have “potential”.  I can be a difference maker today.
  • There is trouble at home, so your frustration with my failure to complete homework seems trivial.
  • I care, but my priorities are not your priorities and my interests are not necessarily your interests.
  • For me, technology means socialization, communication, collaboration…it is a window to the world.  I would like to use it in school.
  • I may have my own room, with my own bed, or my family may have a one-room with a fold out sofa.
  • I am creative, but on my terms…in pursuit of my interests.
  • I am hungry today and I did not sleep well last night.
  • I am a kid, so I am prone to making mistakes.  Encouragement, affirmation and reassurance are appreciated.
  • I love my freedom.  I like to explore.  Too often, school feels like a prison.
  • I value you your opinion, but I also value the opinion of my peers.  Please don’t make me choose.
  • I am tough, and I am resilient, but I still need an advocate.
  • It has been a long time since I have tasted success.  Will you provide that opportunity?
  • I am not mad at you, but I am going to make you pay for my frustrations.  Button pusher.
  • I am unique.  My needs are unique.  I have unique talents and interests.  My success in school depends on you figuring out what makes me tick.

I am a student in your classroom.  Do you know me?

About azjd

K-12 administrator, sports fanatic, bicycling enthusiast, and jedi in my own mind.



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