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Convincing Kids That They Can

Recently, while sorting through a pile of papers, I ran across an article that I think deserves some consideration.  The Power of Expectations, by Neal Cross, is a brief, but insightful reminder about the connection between expectations and student achievement.  The article is not available online, so it will take some extra effort to read … Continue reading

Students Matter Most!

An honest admission… As a school leader, I am concerned about the number of times I pay “lip service” to being focused on students, but then allow any number of outside factors to exert undue influence in my decision making process.  We see it happen frequently at all levels (i.e. school, district, state, national), but … Continue reading

(Power)Pointless or Purposeful?

Why do we ask kids to make presentations, on topics they don’t care about, to an audience that doesn’t exist? ~ Gary Stager At last month’s ISTE conference, I had the pleasure of hearing both Gary Stager (@garystager) and Chris Lehmann (@chrislehmann) speak during two separate sessions.  Both were very powerful, and thought-provoking presentations that, … Continue reading

Empowering Students Through Authentic Relationships

I have been giving some consideration to a recent post I read by John Spencer (@johntspencer), entitled 7 Thoughts on Bullying.  John shares his personal experience being bullied, and as the title suggests, several of his ideas, for educators, about dealing with the issue of bullying.  I found his second point in the post to … Continue reading

Superheros, Superegos, and Student Discipline

How we treat our best students shows our aspirations; how we treat our most challenging students shows our values.  ~ Mendler and Curwin This past Friday, an incident occurred at school that had me seeing red.  While supervising in the cafeteria during the lunch period, I was asked by our one of our cafeteria staff … Continue reading

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