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Fostering Effective Learning Environments

Lately, I have been thinking about dandelions. The relatively ubiquitous plant despised by lawn enthusiasts and beloved by children (in reality and in spirit). Who among us hasn’t pick up a dandelion pod and given it a good puff, launching a burst of parachute-like seeds into the atmosphere to be carried off by the prevailing … Continue reading

Design Departure: Do We Need New Classrooms?

I had the pleasure of spending the morning, with my daughter, at the Children’s Museum of Phoenix.  For someone who works at the junior high school level, it was fascinating to watch primary and pre-school aged children engaged in activities, explorations and imaginative role play.  There was a lot of fun being had, but there … Continue reading

Jeff Delp

Junior high principal by day, sports enthusiast, technology fanatic and jedi in my own mind. Striving to be a difference maker!