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Students Matter Most!

An honest admission… As a school leader, I am concerned about the number of times I pay “lip service” to being focused on students, but then allow any number of outside factors to exert undue influence in my decision making process.  We see it happen frequently at all levels (i.e. school, district, state, national), but … Continue reading

Empowering Students Through Authentic Relationships

I have been giving some consideration to a recent post I read by John Spencer (@johntspencer), entitled 7 Thoughts on Bullying.  John shares his personal experience being bullied, and as the title suggests, several of his ideas, for educators, about dealing with the issue of bullying.  I found his second point in the post to … Continue reading

Creating Connections: 5 Worthy Investments

Recently, a colleague was telling me about a math teacher at his school.  Students in this teacher’s class have done exceptionally well by a number of measures – including state standardized testing.  This lead to a discussion about the factors that have made that teacher effective.  The challenges to meaningful and effective teaching remain the same, … Continue reading

Do You Know Me?

Do you know me?  I am a student in your classroom. I struggle to find relevance in what I am being taught, but I have interests and passions. I am outspoken, but I may try to get through the day without any interaction. Actively involve me in learning and I will likely be engaged.  Lecture me and I … Continue reading

Back from the Abyss: Helping Troubled Students

After a recent day out of the office, I returned to the normal deluge of e-mails in my inbox, notes and documents in my mailbox and student discipline referrals.  As I spent my early morning, sifting through this paperwork and devising a plan of attack, I was taken aback by a referral I received for … Continue reading

Jeff Delp

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