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Convincing Kids That They Can

Recently, while sorting through a pile of papers, I ran across an article that I think deserves some consideration.  The Power of Expectations, by Neal Cross, is a brief, but insightful reminder about the connection between expectations and student achievement.  The article is not available online, so it will take some extra effort to read … Continue reading

Creating Connections: 5 Worthy Investments

Recently, a colleague was telling me about a math teacher at his school.  Students in this teacher’s class have done exceptionally well by a number of measures – including state standardized testing.  This lead to a discussion about the factors that have made that teacher effective.  The challenges to meaningful and effective teaching remain the same, … Continue reading

Have High Expectations? Provide High Support.

As a high school basketball player, I struggled with free throws.  On the ability spectrum, I fell somewhere between Steve Nash and Shaquille O’Neil — certainly not great, but not terrible.  However, my coach set high expectations for free throw shooting percentage and, as a player, I was expected to meet those expectations.  Presto.  High … Continue reading

Chasing Homework

I recently met with a student who had failing grades in all of their core classes.  Before calling them into my office, I printed off their grade report and reviewed a litany of missing assignments and zeroes.  Even I felt overwhelmed and a bit discouraged as I viewed the damage.  For this student, the focus … Continue reading

21st Century Educating, Part 5: Expectations and Empathy

This is the fifth (and final) post in a five-part series on what I view as critical qualities for 21st Century educational leaders. These posts are not intended to be all-inclusive, nor are the topics addressed in any particular order. When the topic of educational improvement arises, especially in schools that serve low socio-economic communities, … Continue reading

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