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Unleashing Creativity

A few weeks ago, I ran across this graphic on All that Inspires Me, a Posterous site by Keith Stoekler (@keithstoekler).  What a great way to approach life! After all, I am… an artist who can not draw. an author who struggles to write. a photographer with limited vision. a blogger of average talent. But, I … Continue reading

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

A teacher shared this video with me this morning. I honestly don’t know very much about the program, but I was intrigued by the story of a teacher using a shared interest, hip-hop, to reach a group of students who were likely dismissed as a lost causes.  Growing up in rural Kansas, more than a … Continue reading

21st Century Educating, Part 1: Passion

This is the first in a five part series on what I view as critical qualities for 21st Century educational leaders.  These posts are not intended to be all-inclusive, nor are the topics addressed in any particular order.  Please note that when I use the term “leader” my intent is to include all school members … Continue reading

The difference…

…between: apathy and empathy knowing it all and a willingness to learn close enough and room for improvement hearing and listening eight-hour days and doing what is needed uninspiring and creative winging it and being prepared talking and teaching going through the motions and caring static and dynamic earning a salary and making a difference … Continue reading

“Greater than Yourself” Challenge

School climate and environment plays such a critical role in student performance outcomes.  We know that in order for students to meet their full potential as learners, they must feel ownership in the educational process – a genuine sense of empowerment.  So why is it sometimes so difficult for us to relinquish control and give … Continue reading

Jeff Delp

Junior high principal by day, sports enthusiast, technology fanatic and jedi in my own mind. Striving to be a difference maker!