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Celebrating Success!

The following piece is cross posted on the Willis PLC Blog — written as an end of quarter message to our teaching staff. There is a student who approaches me, almost daily, with a complaint.  It’s never anything of much substance…I suspect it is usually just an excuse to visit.  Lately, I have been telling the student … Continue reading

Recognize The Big Rocks

I find it intriguing that blogging has such a cathartic effect for me. There are many times that writing serves as an opportunity for me to organize thoughts, express frustrations, and admit to failures (or at least challenges) — an electronic confessional, if you will. We are into our eighth week of the school year, … Continue reading

Are You a Steward of Time?

One of the unintended, but beneficial, outcomes of the attention the “flipped” classroom has received is an increased level of scrutiny regarding the way that school leaders utilize staff time.  As educators, we frequently lament the inadequate amount of time our teachers have to participate in meaningful professional development, yet we continue to waste countless … Continue reading

Convincing Kids That They Can

Recently, while sorting through a pile of papers, I ran across an article that I think deserves some consideration.  The Power of Expectations, by Neal Cross, is a brief, but insightful reminder about the connection between expectations and student achievement.  The article is not available online, so it will take some extra effort to read … Continue reading

You Are A Difference Maker!

This is a brief message written to our staff in anticipation of our first day of school (also posted on our school’s professional learning community blog). As we prepare for the arrival of our students, I hope you will take a few quiet moments to put aside lesson plans, forget about administrative tasks, and consider … Continue reading

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