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Celebrating Success!

Celebrating Success!

The following piece is cross posted on the Willis PLC Blog — written as an end of quarter message to our teaching staff. There is a student who approaches me, almost daily, with a complaint.  It’s never anything of much substance…I suspect it is usually just an excuse to visit.  Lately, I have been telling the student … Continue reading

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Several years ago, as I was driving home from work, I noticed a bumper sticker on the back of the car in front of me.  It read: Making Molehills out of Mountains.  A simple phrase, but a great perspective regarding our daily approach to life-taking those difficult moments and making them achievable. There is no shortage of challenges in our world, but we all possess the ability to make a difference, to turn mountains into molehills.


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  • Mr. Nelson and the Willis choir are working on voice matching today. #wjhsstory @ Willis Junior… instagram.com/p/BIa5r8pBlzY/ 2 hours ago
  • @irasocol Because I see everything we do on a daily basis - not a pic in isolation ;) Not disagreeing with you. Hope you have good day Ira 5 hours ago
  • @irasocol respectfully diappointed in the response based upon a single picture and no knowledge of the work being done at our school. 6 hours ago
  • @irasocol I made a poor choice in picture selection: not all doing the same thing and you do not see they are in rotations with a teacher. 6 hours ago
  • @irasocol Ira, it does nothing on it’s own, but with teachers it is helping us close gaps. The picture doesn’t tell our entire story. 6 hours ago

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