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Lost in Space

Lately, being in my office has been causing feelings of claustrophobia.  The tether to my desk has seemed more like a steel chain – email, paperwork and a plethora of issues trapping me in a space that is reasonably effective for rote completion of tasks, but seems to squelch efforts at creativity. This has me … Continue reading

Imagination is Morally Wrong: Lesson from Phineas and Ferb

I am not ashamed to admit that I enjoy watching Phineas and Ferb with my daughter. I have seen many episodes, enjoyed the humor, but rarely have I had any “a-ha” moments while watching the inventive pair of boys, their pet platypus and his evil genius nemesis – Dr. Doofenschmirtz. This changed over our holiday … Continue reading

What am I doing?

This week, I attended the Virtual Schools Symposium (iNacol) in Indianapolis, Indiana.  Attending conferences, and leaving with a nauseating mix of frustration, excitement, confusion and a multitude of questions has become a common occurrence.  This conference was no different.  I am sitting on my return flight to Phoenix, sorting through a plethora of notes and … Continue reading

Change Begins with Me

The reason things stay the same is because we stay the same.  For things to change, we must change.  ~ Eric Jensen Lately, I have been struggling with the issue of change.  Specifically, I am looking at one area of our school that I believe has become a vicious cycle of despair for both our … Continue reading

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

A teacher shared this video with me this morning. I honestly don’t know very much about the program, but I was intrigued by the story of a teacher using a shared interest, hip-hop, to reach a group of students who were likely dismissed as a lost causes.  Growing up in rural Kansas, more than a … Continue reading

Jeff Delp

Junior high principal by day, sports enthusiast, technology fanatic and jedi in my own mind. Striving to be a difference maker!